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Hobbies and Interests

        Outside of my professional pursuits, I love diving into various hands-on projects that tap into my innate curiosity and creativity. As a maker, designer, and mechanic, I enjoy tinkering with 3D printers, bicycles, and vintage Saab cars. I also enjoy camping in my teardrop trailer.

        These hobbies not only allow me to explore the intricate relationship between humans and technology but also inspire me to continuously refine my skills and fuel my innovative spirit. Through these experiences, I gain fresh perspectives and a deeper understanding of the importance of problem-solving in the realm of design.

Cars and Trailer

1989 Saab 900 Turbo SPG.

1995 Saab 9000 Aero

1971 International Harvester 1-ton Pickup

1989 Teardrop American Outbacker

3D Printers

2018 Prusa i3 Mk3, 20k hours

Creality CR-10 S5 (500 mm^3), w/ BMG e3d v6

2014 Prusa i3 (DIY), retired


1981 Schwinn World Sport, 63.5 cm, 2x6

1975 Schwinn Le Tour (Cr-Mo), 63.5 cm, SS

1989 Schwinn World Traveler, 68.5 cm, 2x6

2014 Specialized Crave Expert, 24 in, 1x10

Personal Projects

Designing a better bikepacking rack

Contemplating how Chevy ruined the Ecotec

Ask me about platonic friendship

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