Sunday, September 15, 2019

Rover Update

The front wheels are on! I need to get all the wheels on and locked in the straight-ahead position because I will be using tank steering at first. I'm eventually going to modify Roger's Ackerman control method from Sawppy, but my motor strategy is different so it will take some time.

Also with the rockers set up, before I mounted the wheels, I tested the articulation. In my opinion this needs some work and may be the weakest part of the whole contraption. We'll see how it works when everything is on the ground under it's own weight.

Here is another shot with the front wheels on:


Ahmed said...

Hello Quinn, great work there. Can't wait to see your rover is moving. I am considering using your modified version of swappy but with the 6.5" hoverboard hub motors. I have six of wheels at the moment but not sure is that will undermine the original mechanical setup of the rover having wide wheels versus merely 2" wide.

Quinn said...

Ahmed, original size Sawppy or sized like the QMRD3? Honestly, those are probably not a very good motor choice for either. You only need torque and don't need speed at all. I imagine those motors are incredibly powerful but I wonder how they would do at a very low speed for a long time.

Someone suggested that I should use power window motors from a Ford pickup, but I had already purchased my motors.

Can't wait to see your rover!

Unknown said...

Awesome project, can't wait to see it drive around!