Saturday, September 15, 2018

Quinn Morley Resume

Custom Design, Fabrication, Tooling, and Prototyping

- Extensive design experience including modeling, sketching, drafting, and lofting
- Hands on forming experience: brakeform, rollform, hydroform, etc.
- Reverse engineering of complex surfaces using CMMs, laser trackers and optical scanners
- Extensive personal and professional 3D printing experience
- Classroom instruction experience in topics like compound angles and flat pattern development
- Associate of Technical Arts, Welding Technology; Honors Graduate, Dean's List
- Associate of Arts and Science, Specializing in Mathematics


2008 - Present: Aerospace Fabrication, Puget Sound, WA
- Journey-level fabricator
- Formming, trimming, and assembling parts and components from drawings and datasets including parts mating to lofted surfaces with compound contour, and experimental / emergent parts.
- Frequent use of CATIA, including to help other employees: plotting contour lines and 1:1 contour sketches of lofted surfaces on high accuracy plotters; extracting datum dimensions and trim profiles; flat pattern development; and shop aid tooling development.
- Never hesitant to assist other employees in development of their modeling, math, and layout skills whenever possible.
- Design and fabrication of complex shop aid tooling, including 3D Printed shop aids.
- Layout practices using 5 axis CMM, Romer and Faro arms, laser trackers; as well as manual layout techniques using compound sine plates, height gauges, mouse scribes, etc.
- Machining of production parts and shop aids on CNC 3 and 5 axis milling machines
- Repair, rework and assembly of major components
- Plating and processing: setup, striking, stripping, plating and inspection of plated parts.
- Hand layup, tool prep, bagging and machining of Carbon Fiber composite components.
- Experience working with people from different backgrounds on different shifts, with a focus on cultivating personal relationships.


Currently studying for Associate of Science, Engineering
- Use Engineering problem solving techniques to model scenarios and perform analysis with hand calculations, and with the aid of computer algebra systems such as MATLAB and Wolfram Mathematica.

Associate of Arts and Sciences, specializing in Mathematics
- Advanced Mathematics including: Algebra; Trigonometry; Differential, Integral, Vector and Multivariable Calculus; Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, and Differential Equations; Basic Physics and Chemistry. Technical Writing, English Composition, Advanced Computing, Hand Drafting, Computer Aided Design, Technical Analysis Reports.

Associate of Technical Arts, Welding Technology
- Honor Graduate, Dean's List
- Precision layout and metal cutting, creating and interpreting Engineering Drawings, experience performing and inspecting welding operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals (including Aluminum and Titanium). Familiar with metallurgy of welds, heat treatment and stress relief procedures of steel, aluminum and titanium alloys, micrograph inspection and non destructive testing.  Experience with setting machine parameters and proper equipment setup. Communications and Human Relations training with a focus on building successful professional relationships.

Attended trade-related supplemental instructional classes after work, focusing on:
- Mathematics, including trigonometry, shop problems and compound angles
- Metallurgy, properties of materials and heat treat
- Shop safety and machine shop practices
- Precision measuring
- Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
- Composite Materials and Technology

Note: This is a generic resume with minimal identifying information. Please contact me at the email address above if you have any questions or would like a complete resume.

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