Sunday, September 23, 2018

Mars Drilling Project Links and Resources

Original ESA liquid water discovery announcement: 
Follow up study about factors keeping the deep water liquid (proposes volcanic activity):

Planum Australe information:

Future Orbital Research Activities:
  • Use SHARAD instrument on MRO to further investigate Planum Australe and look for areas where water may be closer to the surface.
  • Review MOLA Laser Altimiter data set to find flat locations which may indicate floating ice sheets and identify areas for radar investigation by MARSIS (Mars Express, deeper ranging) and SHARAD (MRO, shallow ranging but higher resolution).

Drilling on Mars:

Ice Drilling:
  • New technique for access-borehole drilling in shelf glaciers using lightweight drills, V. Zagorodnov, et al. Journal of Glaciology, 60/223/2014 pg. 935.
  • Drilling in the Permafrost, Kudyashov, B.B., CRC Press, 1991
    • I have listed the Kudyashov book in both the Ice Drilling and Permafrost sections because he does discuss ice drilling and glacial drilling. Although not discussed to the extent that permafrost is, he does provide quite a bit of information about others' research on the subject. I plan to collect those sources that he references and post them here as well.

Permafrost, Resources and Contacts:

Drill Rigs:

Rover Testbed Info:

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